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Instrumania is a musical instruments shop with a difference. We bring together on and offline musical instrument shops from every corner of the UK, allowing customers to search and compare the specifications and prices of musical instruments and accessories in one highly functional location.

The beauty of Instrumania, apart from allowing you to find and buy the very best priced musical instruments anywhere in the UK, is the detail and appreciation of just what our customers are looking for. Instrumania is a musical instruments shop run by musicians for musicians. Our search function is fast and easy to use, making it simple to find exactly what it is you’re looking for.

An invaluable resource for small musical instrument shops

The musical instrument shops marketplace is a crowded one, especially online. For smaller, independent music shops it can be almost impossible to break into online musical instrument retail, as large multinational musical instrument shops such as Amazon have enormous budgets at their disposal, making it impossible to compete.

This is exactly what makes Instrumania the perfect readymade marketplace for smaller on and offline musical instrument shops. We have a talented team of search engine marketers behind us, which allows us to compete with some of the biggest musical instrument shops in the industry. By becoming an Instrumania merchant, you will have access to this national market!

Come and hangout at our musical instrument shop

Instrumania is much more than just a platform to put smaller musical instrument shops on a level playing field with the big boys. It’s also an excellent place to hangout and immerse yourself in all things music. The Instrumania team is made up of music obsessive's, from session musicians to band members and promoters. They contribute regular music news and reviews, turning Instrumania into an informative resource as well a great place to compare the prices of musical instrument shops.

Search the products and compare the prices of musical instrument shops right across the UK. Looking for an online musical instruments shop? Look no further than Instrumania!