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The completion of Blink-182's sixth studio album, and their first since the bands reformation in 2009, has been delayed several times with the original release date set for April 2011.

The delay of the LP was so unexpected that in February 2011, guitarist Tom DeLonge stated that the album would be out in time for the group's planned European tour that July, and that they would "not tour if there is no new record”.  That April, however, the band announced the postponement of the tour due to delays in completing the album, stating "We hoped we would have some new songs to play rather than do another 'greatest hits tour'".

The new LP has been released in two separate editions, one with a standard 10 tracks and a deluxe edition with 13 tracks on it. But the band's co-frontman Mark Hoppus has said that he believes the 13-track edition is the record as "it should be heard" and that no song has been added just for the sake of it.

Speaking to NME, the bassist responded to a question about the difference between the two editions by saying: "Even the bonus tracks on this album to me feel like they're part of the record. The deluxe edition is the record as it should be heard. I don't feel like we had ten songs that were good and three songs that we threw on as some kind of lame B-side bonus thing. That's why we re-sequenced the record using those additional songs, because to us they're very much part of the record."

Asked why the band hadn't just released a 13-track album, the bassist responded by saying that it was "standard practice" for bands to offer up two editions of their new album. Hoppus also spoke about the making of the album, revealing that there were five songs that didn't make the cut for the LP.

"We probably had 20 songs total, there are about 5 songs that we started working on that didn't make the cut for one reason or another."

The album was formally released yesterday (September 26) and can be heard in full by heading to

Guitar shredding legend Slash took some time out of his schedule promoting his signature Dunlop Wah Pedal to expose some new details about his upcoming album last week while opening the new GuitarGuitar store in Epsom.

The ex-Guns & Roses star also let on that he will again be working with producer Eric Valentine, with who will also be doubling on mastering, proclaiming Valentine, who began his career as drummer and producer in the heavy metal band T-Ride and has subsequently produced albums for artists such as Lostprophets, Queens of the Stone Age, and The All-American Rejects, “a one stop shop” for his musical needs.

This will be his second solo album and eleventh album overall in bands such as Guns and Roses, Velvet Revolver and Slash's Snakepit. However, the new album is due to have a much different sound to its predecessors. “This one’s definitely very focused,” He said. “Some of it’s very heavy. It’s got a sort of a more unified sound to it, especially with once vocal all throughout.”

The new album is set to be very different to his first solo album "Slash" released in April 2010, which featured an all-star roster of guest musicians, including Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl, Myles Kennedy, Kid Rock, Lemmy Kilmister, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, and Ozzy Osbourne.

The recording, however, is to have Slash team up again with vocalist Miles Kennedy of Alter Bridge. The pair had previously performed together with live recordings available on Slash’s Deluxe Edition Solo CD. Slash continued to describe the upcoming album, announcing his collaboration with Alice Cooper drummer Brent Fitz and bassist Todd Kerns throughout the record.

When asked about the status of the recording sessions for his new solo album, Slash said, "We actually haven't started recording, but we've been in pre-production. We're about nine songs in, as far as that goes. And when I get back from England tomorrow, we'll go in and do another 12 songs. And we start actually recording late October.”

He finally added “It turned out to be a great band from the start – definitely worth going in and making a record with”

According to the NME, the Church, who gained notoriety for regularly picketing the funerals of fallen US soldiers, have promised to turn up outside the Foos' show at Kansas City's Sprint Center on 16 September.
Achieving infamy thanks to some high profile public appearances, the Westboro Baptist Church have reached a level of prominence far beyond their meagre funds. Even British audiences have taken notice of their often extreme actions, with Louis Theroux being dispatched (twice) to investigate.

Westboro Baptist Church are set to picket Foo Fighters in response to their recent 'Hot Buns' video. 'Hot Buns' was a viral designed to promote the band's upcoming North American tour. Dressed as truckers, Foo Fighters engage in some saucy activities in the shower as they seemingly aim to re-create a gay porn film.

According to a statement on the church's protest schedule, they have opted to picket Dave Grohl and co's show because "The entertainment industry is a microcosm of the people in this doomed nation: hard-hearted, hell-bound, and hedonistic. These people have a platform and should be using it to encourage obedience to God; instead they teach every person who will listen all things contrary to him."

It continues: "The people in this nation have sinned away their day of grace and have so enraged their God that you are seeing new outpourings of his wrath continually. We will be there to remind you that the day of your destruction is upon you, even as you vainly seek comfort in the frivolities of this life."

Foo Fighters fans have reacted angrily to the planned protest, with some fans calling for singer Dave Grohl to confront the protesters himself.