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Rebel Trading Company is a UK based manufacturing campaign which specialises in the design and production of some pretty damn glitzy microphone stands. And the worrying thing is, they can manufacture their stands to any specifications, well within vague parameters of normality anyway, so even the most bizarre of vocalist fetishes can be pandered to; a dangerous game indeed. Just take Aled Phillips' (Kids In Glass Houses) flouncy yet chic, rose-adorned stand above as an example.

Each stand is designed exclusively to meet the customer’s preferences. So whether it’s the height, weight, function, colour or finished paint effect, you can really go to town and satisfy your deepest darkest desires. Some wackos even go the whole hog and fill them full of LEDs. And why not?

To get your imaginations warmed up, let’s go through just a few of the fanciful customisation options which can be applied to your mic stand:

•    Rebel custom glitter effect – a bit tame
•    LED lighting – getting warmer
•    Glow effect – ideal for techno
•    Leather effect – now you’re talking
•    Diamante – my word

It will come as no surprise having read the above list that the Rebel Trading Company supply the musical extravaganza that is the X Factor with their custom microphones. So if you choose to splash out on one of these unique little masterpieces you can rest assured that such complete talent mongers like Aiden Grimshaw and Cher Lloyd have warbled into them before you.

You know what I always say, “If it’s good enough for Mary Byrne it’s good enough for me.” An excellent mantra for life - try it yourself. It backfires in the pastry isle of Morrisons though.

On the more wholesome side of music, the company have also supplied microphone stands to the likes of Kids In Glass Houses, Status Quo, My Passion and Dimmu Borgir.

Sadly not everyone can afford their own custom made mic stand, so if you are more interested in finding an affordable microphone stand, then Instrumania provides the perfect resource with which to do so.