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Pioneer, the name behind the worlds most highly regarded DJ equipment, have unveiled details of their new range of PA speaker systems designed to challenge the likes of Funktion One and Turbo Sound for nightclub supremecy.


To create the ultimate club sound system, Pioneer partnered with the legendary Gary Stewart of Gary Stewart Audio (GSA), whose sound systems have roused clubbers in the world’s most iconic venues, including Singapore’s Zouk and Club Vertigo in Costa Rica. The team partnered with Powersoft to provide high-performance amps that maximised the potential of the system.


Marta Robowsky, Manager at Gary Stewart Audio, explains: “"We wanted to partner with a manufacturer who shared our vision of reproducing the best sound for the club environment. The technological synergy between Pioneer and Gary Stewart Audio will provide the ultimate nightclub sound system.”


Pioneer’s Alex Barrand, the sound engineer behind the Ministry of Sound London’s award-winning sound system upgrade in 2008, oversaw the development process. He explains: “We didn’t just want to enter the market; we wanted to be the best in the market. So we gathered the dream team: Pioneer’s pro-Audio R&D expertise combined with GSA and Powersoft’s club system credentials. You have to hear it to believe it.”


Pioneer’s flagship speaker series includes two series of passive speakers, GS-WAVE series and XY series, the combination of which is versatile enough to suit a wide variety of installations. GS-WAVE are dance floor stacks with wide dispersion, designed to deliver sonic clarity and high SPL across the whole frequency range.


The XY series is more compact in size without compromising sound quality. Designed for use as DJ booth monitors or as PA speakers in smaller rooms, the XY series offers a wide array of rigging options for installation. The whole system is supported by Powersoft K-Series DSP amplifiers, which come with pre-set data to maximise the performance of the speakers.


Barrand concludes: “We’re installing the flagship sound system in a number of world-famous clubs in Ibiza and beyond, including a complete club re-fit, which we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks.”



Jamie Cullum surprised commuters yesterday morning with an impromptu gig in the middle of rush hour at St Pancras Station. 


He played five songs from his new album 'Momentum' and was joined by 13 members of The National Youth Jazz Orchestra who provided a superb brass band backing to 'When I Get Famous' and 'Get Your Way'.


Jamie joked with the audience of commuters saying, "your not in a rush to get anywhere are you?" in between an electrifying performance of his new material that had him standing up on top of the piano. Mark Armstrong the artistic and music director for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra said, "Playing with Jamie has been a fantastic experience. It was a great mix between busking and written music as we went along, which just shows you what Jazz is all about."


Jamie also later performed at housing and homelessness charity Shelter yesterday, being the first artist to perform on the roof of their London HQ. The show was streamed live online at


The day then finished with Jamie playing an exclusive show for a small audience of invited guests at The Shard, London. He played a mixture of tracks from his new album as well as some favourites from previous records to the backdrop of a south London sunset. Celebrity guests that joined Jamie in celebrating the release of his new album included Tinie Tempah, Jordan (Rizzle Kicks), Alan Carr, Amber Le Bon, Eliza Doolittle, Jade Parfitt and McLaren boss Ron Dennis. 


Jamie's new album 'Momentum' is out through Island Records now.





Liam Gallagher is out to prove he can sing without reverb on Beady Eye's next album.

The former Oasis frontman is tired of hearing people say his vocals sound horrible without the added effect.

The temperamental star is convinced critics will change their tune when they hear the band's next album, BE.

'I'm sick of f**king idiots saying I can't sing, you know what I mean?' told UK newspaper The Sun. 'So I thought f**k this, no effects, none of that double tracking as much.

'Let's get in there bare, this is how I sound, man. This is how my voice sounds so hopefully people will like it and get off my f**king back.'

Liam formed Beady Eye following his departure from Oasis after a fiery feud with his brother and bandmate Noel, who has since focused on his own material.

The men are known to hit out at each other in the press.

Noel has made disparaging remarks about Beady Eye's success in public, with Liam unsure why he feels able to point the finger.

'I tell you f**king what, we've all got a lot of graft to do, d'you know what I mean? Him too,' Liam fumed to Q magazine last December

'He's sold a f**king few records, why wouldn't he sell records, he was the main songwriter of Oasis but he certainly hasn't f**king lit up the world.'



The Strokes have today (March 25) revealed 'Fast Animals', the B-side to their new single 'All The Time'.


The track will be released on Record Store Day on April 20 as part of the seven-inch release of 'All The Time', and it again sees lead singer Julian Casablancas testing out his falsetto vocals. The song is a sped-up version of 'Comedown Machine' album track 'Slow Animals' and features as a bonus track on the Japanese version of the album. You can hear the song via Strokes fansite She's Fixing Her Hair now. 


The Strokes release 'Comedown Machine' today (March 25). The album is the band's fifth studio album and their first since 'Angles' in 2011. Speaking about the possibility of The Strokes performing live in the near future, bassist Nikolai Fraiture recently explained that the band have no current plans to perform but that he is hopeful of working something out soon. 


"I don't know. I would love to tour," Fraiture said. Discussing the making of 'Comedown Machine' at New York's Electric Lady studios, the bass player added: "We hashed it out all together like the good old days. It's a legendary studio and it is not far away from us all, apart from Nick who lives in Los Angeles, but he made the trip out to record."



The 'Comedown Machine' tracklisting is:

'Tap Out'

'All The Time'

'One Way Trigger'

'Welcome To Japan'

'80's Comedown Machine'

'50 50'

'Slow Animals'

'Partners In Crime'


'Happy Ending'

'Call It Fate, Call It Karma'


According to the NME, the Church, who gained notoriety for regularly picketing the funerals of fallen US soldiers, have promised to turn up outside the Foos' show at Kansas City's Sprint Center on 16 September.
Achieving infamy thanks to some high profile public appearances, the Westboro Baptist Church have reached a level of prominence far beyond their meagre funds. Even British audiences have taken notice of their often extreme actions, with Louis Theroux being dispatched (twice) to investigate.

Westboro Baptist Church are set to picket Foo Fighters in response to their recent 'Hot Buns' video. 'Hot Buns' was a viral designed to promote the band's upcoming North American tour. Dressed as truckers, Foo Fighters engage in some saucy activities in the shower as they seemingly aim to re-create a gay porn film.

According to a statement on the church's protest schedule, they have opted to picket Dave Grohl and co's show because "The entertainment industry is a microcosm of the people in this doomed nation: hard-hearted, hell-bound, and hedonistic. These people have a platform and should be using it to encourage obedience to God; instead they teach every person who will listen all things contrary to him."

It continues: "The people in this nation have sinned away their day of grace and have so enraged their God that you are seeing new outpourings of his wrath continually. We will be there to remind you that the day of your destruction is upon you, even as you vainly seek comfort in the frivolities of this life."

Foo Fighters fans have reacted angrily to the planned protest, with some fans calling for singer Dave Grohl to confront the protesters himself.