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Rising R&B singer Frank Ocean is in a legal battle after his single, “American Wedding,” in which he uses the music from the 1977 mega-hit “Hotel California.” has enraged the Eagles lawyers.

Ocean has essentially just recorded his own lyrics over the top of the original track without getting permission and it is now being prepared for wide commercial release by the Def Jam label. The track is easily identifiable and the instrumental is unmistakable under his voice yet Ocean doesn’t think he did anything wrong, stating on his Tumblr page:

“[Eagles frontman] Don Henley is apparently intimidated by my rendition of ‘Hotel California.’ He threatened to sue if I perform it again. I think that’s f***** awesome.”

Ocean went on. “I didn’t make a dime off that song. I released it for free. If anything, I’m paying homage.”

Ocean often performs “American Wedding” live, and from the remarks on his tumblr page it seems he will continue to do so. Many will be interested to see if the R & B newbie performs the track at the Coachella festival in California in April.

The artist recently stepped into the spotlight as part of Odd Future, as well as for his work on “Watch the Throne”, the Jay-Z/Kanye West collaboration.

Though “nostalgia, ULTRA” was released over a year ago, the legal trouble appears to have only surfaced last week. As it turns out, the legendary rockers don’t agree with Ocean’s take on the matter though a representative for Henley said that it was neither his client nor The Eagles who threatened legal action, but the label which owns the master track.

The band’s rep gave a quick statement to the L.A. Times: “Frank Ocean did not merely ‘sample’ a portion of the Eagles’ ‘Hotel California,’ he took the whole master track, plus the song’s existing melody, and replaced the lyrics with his own. This is not creative, let alone ‘intimidating.’ It’s illegal. For the record, Don Henley has not threatened or instituted any legal action against Frank Ocean, although the Eagles are now considering whether they should.”

Though Ocean’s “American Wedding” track can’t be found on iTunes to download and the YouTube video of the R&B singer performing the song has been taken down, Instrumania have found a sample available from NME’s soundloud (below).

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Engelbert Humperdinck will come head to head with Jedward when he represents the UK at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

The Eurovision Show Contest has been going for well over 50 years among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union but the 2012 show is set to headline Engelbert Humperdinck as this year’s entry for the UK, which has many fan’s of the club singer eager to see him in action.

The contest which takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan has already got some excited. Humperdinck, now 75-years-old, released his first album 'Release Me' in 1967 and will become the competitions oldest ever entrant when he steps out on stage on May 26th. The 60’s star revealed that it was "an absolute honour" to be chosen to take part in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: “It’s an absolute honour to be representing my country for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. When the BBC approached me, it just felt right for me to a part of an institution like Eurovision. I'm excited and raring to go and want the nation to get behind me!”

Head of entertainment and events at the BBC, Katie Taylor, added: "Not since the '70s have we had such an established international musical legend represent the nation. We couldn't be more delighted. Engelbert's experience leaves us in no doubt that he will be able to deliver a standout performance in front of 120 million viewers worldwide."

The song which is being kept under wraps is due to be co-written by Grammy award winning producer Marting Terefe and Sacha Skarbek, the mind behind James Blunt’s hit single “You’re Beautiful”. The recording of the track is scheduled to take place in London, Los Angeles and Nashville in Tennessee.

The UK hasn’t had tremendous luck in the Eurovision Song Contest. In fact the last act to win was Katrina and the Waves back in 1997 with their track 'Love Shine A Light'. Last year's entry from boyband Blue finished in 14th place, behind Jedward with their entry single "Lipstick” which finished in 8th position.

The Guardian have launched a poll asking readers if Engelbert Humperdinck is the right person to represent the UK at Eurovision. Whilst it is by no means a conclusive study, the general consensus seems to be fairly happy with the BBC’s decision.

After weeks of speculation and anticipation, last night’s (21/02/2012) Brit Awards left little to chance as celebrities and fans alike packed into the O2 arena in London.

There were a whole host of honours dished out with Adele's hugely popular, multiple Grammy-winning album 21 receiving the award for female solo artist and Album of the Year.

Adele had performed earlier in the evening offering up a cautious rendition of Rolling in the Deep, but it was Ed Sheeran, the night's other double winner after taking home best British male solo artist and best British breakthrough, that shone on stage. After a quick costume change the singer-songwriter performed a note perfect version of his single, Lego House.

Other winners at the BRIT Awards last night included Lana Del Rey, who won the award for international breakthrough act, Coldplay picked up the award for British music group, the Foo Fighters for international music group and a surprising win for One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" as they were handed the British single of the year.

The evening ended with a sour note as Adele clambered on stage to give her acceptance speech for Album of the Year.

But the Tottenham born starlet was rushed off the main stage to for a rather disappointing closing performance by 90’s pop-rock legends Blur, who picked up an award for outstanding contribution to music earlier in the ceremony. After an uncomfortable James Corden asked Adele to leave the stage, the singer flipped Brit award “suits” the finger while saying, "Can I just say then, goodbye, and I’ll see you next time round, then?"

The incident upset Corden, who said afterwards: "I don't understand what happened but I'm upset about it. Blur get to play for 11 minutes and she gets to say thank you once."

Many were left unconvinced by this year’s ceremony, with the Arts Desk website noting “For those into legacy, who might care about how this show will be remembered, it was the lowest BRITs climax for years.”


UK Grammy winning artist, Adele, has denied that she is about to take a five-year long break from making any more music.


The singer that saw international success with her album, '21', was quoted this week (February 14) in the US edition of Vogue as saying she wanted to "fuck off for four or five years" to focus on her new relationship with her boyfriend Simon Konecki, and would only return to her musical career when she can move away from her current album’s theme and write a "happy record".


Though it took just a few hours before the UK star took back those words, writing a message to her fans on her blog at The post about her time at the Grammy awards makes a reference to the interview with her words:


“I've a few days off now, and then it's the Brit Awards here at home and then I'm straight into the studio. 5 years? More like 5 days!”


The rumour began after Adele made comments in an interview with the US edition of Vogue quoting her as saying: "I am fucking off for four or five years. If I am constantly working, my relationships fail. So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record. And be in love and be happy. And then I don't know what I'll do. Get married. Have some kids. Plant a nice vegetable patch."


In the same interview, she went on to say that she was sick and tired of being a "bitter witch" and that she would never write an album about another break-up again.


The comments come just days after Adele shined on her return to the big stage, picking up six Grammys after winning every category in which she was lucky enough to be nominated in, including best record for Rolling In the Deep and album of the year for 21.


The 23-year-old underwent surgery on her vocal cords late last year and had been resting her voice on doctor's orders until US music's biggest night. For the first time since then, the singer took the stage to belt out Rolling In the Deep and finished to a standing ovation.


You can view a clip of the winners and of Adele’s performance at the Guardian.


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