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British rock band Muse performed a sell-out gig at London’s Emirates Stadium on Saturday, before continuing the party in a somewhat unconventional way.

The after-party, which had an ‘Anti-Corporate Greed’ theme, featured crazy entertainment such as dwarves carrying trays of fake cocaine, a bearded lady performing a striptease, gambling pigs and a woman who stubbed cigars out on her tongue and invited guests to staple money to her body.  Throughout the evening the partygoers were entertained by an all-female string quartet dressed as characters from classic film A Clockwork Orange.

The idea for the dwarves came about through a friendship between one of the band and Queen’s Roger Taylor.  "It was hilarious. Muse drummer Dominic Howard is best friends with Roger Taylor, who comes to all of their gigs. And he knows Roger is sick of being asked about the stories about Queen snorting coke from bald dwarves' heads and making them carry coke around on silver platters," a source told MailOnline. "So they thought it would be funny to send dwarves around carrying lines of sherbet on trays."


Many celebrities were spotted at the bash, including frontman Matt Bellamy’s fiancée Kate Hudson.  “Drummer Dominic stuck fake Muse banknotes on to a stripper's bum and Kate Hudson even stubbed a cigar out on a burlesque dancer's tongue,” a source told The Sun.