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Epiphone Nikki Sixx Blackbird Bass Guitar Pitch Black

The Ephiphone Nikki Sixx Blackbird Bass guitar is a sensational signature model, designed with unique six-designed features that make it truly stunning. Deisgned by Epiphone with the creative input of Mötley Crüe wildman Nikki Sixx, the result has been an exceptional instrument that is unique against others at its price range.

This bass guitar is visually exceptional, boasting a pitch black high gloss finish which looks exquisite, professional and expensive – without the price tag!

The gorgeous 4 String Nikki Sixx Blackbird incorporates unique Sixx-designed features and earth-shaking ‘DeepSixx’ bass humbuckers, which are capable of producing astounding sounds which are sure to captivate others, making them turn and listen.

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Epiphone Nikki Sixx Blackbird Bass Guitar Pitch Black


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