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Roland Cube 15XL

The cube ranges of combo amplifiers have been recently upgraded at Roland to give you even more for your money. This new generation utilise new exciting effects, more commonly associated with higher end models. These exciting features include amp modelling and a phrase looper, making the Roland 15 XL an exhilarating instrument that will have you captivated at entry level and wanting more.

The Roland XL has an 8” high performance speaker that delivers 15 watts of power, with the added option of achieving high gain distortion by activating the Power Squeezer. This added feature succeeds in delivering full gain even at a low volume, custom designed with two discrete channels clean and lead. The versatility of the amp allows you to experience three Boss distortion circuits, including Metal Zone and the Extreme setting which provide the choice of 5 amplifier types.

The multifaceted options with this product allow you to connect a portable music device, such as an MP3 or iPod to play along with your favourite music, with direct recording out and headphone socket for silent, independent practice. Don’t let the size of this amp fool you, it contains an enormous amount of features so it will definitely pack a punch or two when you’re playing!

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Roland Cube 15XL


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