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Roland TD-4K2 Electronic Drum Kit

The Roland TD-4K2 drum kit is an upgrade  from the previous model and Roland are calling it a "second generation" of V-drums, the TD4K 2 is still the entry level model but cetain elements of the kit have been improved and upgraded to provide greater value for money ...

The new additions to the Roland TD4K2 electronic drum kit starts with a mesh-head snare (which is actually the PDX-8 snare model) along with a cloth head kick drum pad (KD-9) ... The TD-4 sound module has also been upgraded with some additional percussion sounds and finally there's a dual-trigger cymbal pad that can be used for either crash or ride.

The kit arrives in two boxes with one box containing all of the pads, pedals and the sound module whilst a secondary box contains the actual drum rack along with the clamps and arms for the cymbal and drum pads.Within the sound module/brain is a new skill coaching application whilst Roland have also added a Quick Record/Play function for capturing memorable performances or for gradual improvement of complex rhythm parts.

Upgrades & Expansion:
The TD4K is also expandable with an optional pad, or if preferred, you can replace the ride cymbal with a Roland CY-12R/C 3-way trigger V-Cymbal. The TD4 is also compatible with the optional Roland VH-11 V-Hi-Hat, which can be mounted on a conventional hi-hat stand.

Roland TD-4K2 Electronic Drum Kit


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