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Whilst this is a review for the Marshall MG100HFX, I’d like to run through a little scenario that is becoming more and more common first.


You’ve gone to the trouble of buying a top of the range guitar. You’ve gone to the music shop and played it, before coming to Instrumania to compare guitar prices. You’ve ordered it, opened the box and strummed your first chord.


That’s the moment you realise, “this doesn’t sound like it did in the shop”. Now my friend, your top of the range guitar needs a sidekick in the shape of a quality electric guitar amplifier.


It goes without saying that Marshall make some of the best amplifiers around, solid state, combo or otherwise, so one option is the Marshall MG100HFX amplifier.


The Marshall MG100HFX amp comes with some great built in effects, which allow you to vary your sound across a wide range of genres. There is also a button which thickens the sound and replicates the same sound as a tube amp a perfect option for when you're playing loud.


The Marshall MG100HFX amplifier is incredibly versatile. You can play any type of music through this amp and still get a decent sound from it.


As for power, this cheap amplifier packs 100 watts of pure energy, giving it plenty of power, so if you ever are daring enough to turn it up to 10, you better hold on to something solid.


The amp’s clean setting can throw out anything from very calm smooth sound to a harsh rock and with the overdrive option you can really experiment and do pretty much anything.


So if you’re in the market for a new quality electric guitar amplifier, with a top of the range sound without the top of the range price tag to match, then look no further than the Marshall MG100HFX amplifier. You can compare musical instruments and amplifiers right here at Instrumania to ensure you are always getting the best deal.

Carlos Santana has been a rock icon for decades, with his silky cool style and soulful riffs, he has a skill that hundreds of thousands try and imitate (I include myself in this statistic). With Santana’s Paul Reed Smith SE series, introduced back in 2001, Carlos is the only guitarist to have five SE models made under his name.


The SE series was originally made to offer a junior or student edition to the PRS range, but something strange happened. Many people think of “student edition” guitars as basic shells of their more expensive kin, but whilst the SE signature models may be very affordable, but they’re anything but stripped-down basic instruments. The PRS SE Santana offers nothing less than brilliance with much of the same vibe as the high-end PRS Santana model, from its old-school double-cutaway body shape to its extremely playable wide neck.


The PRS SE Santana looks almost identical to the PRS Santana model, though the main difference is the body. Whilst the SE does have an arched top, it somehow lacks the quality craftsmanship that you get in its bigger brother. The neck has a similar wide and fat profile, and the rosewood 22 fret fingerboard is decorated with bird inlays.


All of the hardware blows other guitars in this model’s price range out of the water in terms of quality. The tremolo, designed by PRS, feels exceptionally sturdy, and the individual saddles for the strings fit tight and are even smoothly polished to avoid any string breakage.


The pickups, master tone, volume knobs, and three-position pickup selector are firmly installed with a perfect alignment you would expect of a top end Paul Reed Smith. The PRS designed SE 245 Humbuckers perfectly complement the guitar’s vintage styling and timeless classic appeal.


While the SE Santana almost perfectly mimics Carlos Santana’s signature lead tone, it can also produce some crunchy hard rock rhythm tones and punchy funk chords. The real beauty in the SE Santana is when you start to solo. Somehow it seems like single notes magically become fatter, similar to the style of its namesake.


Even though the guitar is made overseas, it still maintains the vibe of any PRS guitar. From its impossibly stylish aesthetics and impeccable build to its incredible feel and soulful tone, everything about the PRS SE Santana screams quality.


With a measly high street price at around £500-600, the PRS SE Santana offers a high level of quality, from build to the playing tone, making it unbeatable value for a supposedly basic cheap guitar. Why not compare musical instruments here on Instrumania? You could save yourself a bundle!

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Epiphone Dot Limited Edition Review


Basically a cheaper version of the Gibson 335, the Korean made Epiphone Dot Ltd Edition comes with 22 frets and 2 Gibson humbuckers (with Alnico magnets).


The laminated maple body and neck, and rosewood fingerboard, are finished beautifully with gold fittings complete with a 3 way switch with 2 volume and 2 tone controls.


It came with the Epiphone "E" logo on the scratch plate but started to peel off almost immediately. However, here is when the problems with the Epiphone Dot Ltd Edition stopped. I know there was a time when perhaps people would be wary of a Korean built guitar, but this axe is superbly made and very well finished especially at this price point.


For a semi, Epiphone Dot Ltd Edition is actually pretty heavy due to the solid block running through the middle, but it’s still manageable and completely worth the extra weight.


It sounds good and although not quite up to a real Gibson 335, it's really not that far off considering the price difference, making the Epiphone Dot Ltd Edition a perfect Gibson 335 alternative.


The Epiphone Dot Ltd Edition’s humbucker gives a lovely warm sound and really screams when cranked up a bit while still giving a nice thick sound. As they are humbuckers you don't suffer much noise partly due to the solid block that helps reduce the feedback that would be a nightmare had it been.


Someone on a limited budget can't really go wrong with one of these. So if you would like a real Gibson 335 but just don't feel the extra cash will bring enough extra quality to justify the cost. I suggest the Epiphone Dot Ltd Edition as the perfect Gibson 335 alternative. Or, if you’d like to find different cheap guitars that fit your budget, try the Instrumania musical instruments search today.

Buying a new instrument is a very personal adventure for any musician, and buying a new flute is no exception. After all, who knows what you want in a new instrument better than you?

Having said that you should always be open to a good review and after playing with it for a bit now I would recommend anyone who is looking for an up-grade to consider and try out the Yamaha YFL 311.


The Yamaha YFL 311 has a warm rich sound and relatively easy blowing solid silver head joint. I had previously heard much about having a solid silver head joint and had wondered whether silver would make such a difference, but the very first try convinced me. The sound emanating from the Yamaha YFL 311 was different: stronger, clearer and deeper, all without me changing my breathing or embouchure at all. In fact, all three octaves flowed with an even sound that was surprising effortless.


The mechanism on the Yamaha YFL 311 is very similar to the student model Yamaha 21, only quieter. You can stroke the keys, and move on knowing that the note will arrive. The instrument comes with the typical Yamaha hard plastic, velvet lined case which holds the flute safely and well in place, and a plastic cleaning rod.


One small thing that bugs me about the Yamaha YFL 311 is that it tends to get scratched and scuffed rather easily, which could be a problem if it is not well looked after.


Overall I have nothing majorly negative to report on the Yamaha YFL 311, no faults so far have revealed themselves. So if you’re looking for a new cheap flute that holds a fantastic sound, you might want to give the Yamaha YFL 311 a look.


When you’re young, it’s easy to idolise celebrities and musicians, especially those with a tremendous talent. For many, it was Elvis Presley. The man had everything. A fantastic voice, a truly talented musician, and he had that guitar.


The guitar in question is the Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar that quickly became his favourite “weapon of choice”.


First appearing in 1937, Gibson’s J-200 set a standard others have been trying to match ever since. Upon its introduction in the late 1930s, the J-200 filled a need for a deeper, more balanced and powerful sound. The Gibson J-200 quickly became one of most popular guitars around, with unbelievable talent such as Ray Whitley, Emmylou Harris, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Gram Parsons, and Pete Townshend choosing to use it over the competitors.


The main downside of the Gibson was the price. The guitar cost can range from + depending on the model, which can be a major stumbling block for the amateur player and hobbyist. However, Instrumania are here to rescue the day once again with the Epiphone EJ-200.


The Epiphone EJ-200 is a super jumbo 6-string jumbo acoustic guitar that’s a dead ringer for the original right down to the fretboard crown inlays and intricate scratchboard design.


The Epiphone EJ200 boasts a select spruce top, maple body and a bound, set maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. The neck shape is comfortable while the bound body/top/neck, striking inlaid Moustache bridge, plus gold hardware make this guitar a comfort to play and very easy on the eyes.


The only negative I have with the Epiphone EJ200 is the access to higher frets. Though the neck allows easy access to 14-15 frets fairly easily, anything over becomes a struggle. My advice is to keep in mind the type of music you play, as you may need something with a cutaway if you’re looking to play on the higher notes.


The Epiphone EJ200 is a tremendously well made instrument. Elvis was known for treating his guitars brutally and it seems the Epiphone EJ200 has kept this in mind when recreating “the King’s” favourite guitar.


As an Elvis fanatic, the Epiphone EJ200 offers some real nostalgia that not only plays well, but looks beautiful at the same time. So if you’re an Elvis impersonator looking to take the extra step or simply looking for a great cheap acoustic guitar, the Epiphone EJ200 is a strong contender.

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