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It can be difficult as an intermediate player when deciding on buying a new bass guitar. Should I spend massive amounts of money on a new bass or should I continue with a cheap bass guitar?

Whilst there are arguments for both, allow me to introduce a third option. The Peavey Zodiac BXP Bass Guitar.


The Peavey Zodiac BXP Bass Guitar manages to combine sought-after features with the durability necessary for hardcore rock players, and even manage to keep the price low too, giving you one of the best cheap bass guitars around. Built with a solid alder body, the Peavey Zodiac BXP Bass Guitar has sculpted front and back contours and comes equipped with an articulating bridge with machined saddles and a three-layer pick guard.


Made back in 2008, this cheap bass guitar was built in China and has a four string, 21 jumbo fret maple neck and fingerboard, and features an arrangement of two passive P/J pickups. The action is very low and the neck is extremely comfortable and playable giving the bass a high quality feel. The neck/fingerboard has a vintage finish applied that gives the Maple an old well used look with a fantastic attention to detail.


The pickups are hushed and ring clear with the sound of the wood resonating plainly through the amp. For any bass players who like to play finger style, this bass suits it perfectly and it beckons to be slapped and popped.  Overall tone is pretty remarkable.  Playing unplugged, the notes resonate from deep within the body and neck all the way up and down the instrument.


With the mixture of features such as the body shape and all too familiar pick guard, the Peavey Zodiac BXP Bass Guitar kind of looks like a hybrid of a Precision and Telecaster bass.


The action is very low and the neck is extremely comfortable and playable giving the bass a high quality feel. The neck/fingerboard has a vintage finish applied that gives the Maple an old well used look with a fantastic attention to detail.


Overall, the build quality is excellent, the sound is incredible and the playability is amongst one of the best. If you’re looking for a cheap bass guitar for an intermediate player, the Peavey Zodiac BXP Bass Guitar is definitely one to look at.

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Fender are set to release a new line of Vintage Modified basses, including this beautiful little tobacco burst number - the Vintage Modified Mustang. With a retail set at £347, it looks to be very affordable for the discerning bassist looking to reach (literally) into the short scale section of low-end goodness. The official press release from the guitar masters reads as follows:

"A truly classic Fender bass guitar model from the mid-1960s returns in the sleek, short-scale form of the Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Bass. The instrument honors its 1966 ancestor with a basswood body finished in Black or Three-color Sunburst, 19-fret maple neck and 30-inch scale perfect for players of all kinds who appreciate the comfort of a short-scale instrument. Other features include a Duncan Designed split single-coil pickup, three-ply pickguard, chrome tuners and distinctive Mustang Bass four-saddle bridge. Superior tone, smooth playability, great comfort and fantastic value."


Since its inception in 1960, the Fender Jazz Bass has become the staple instrument of bassists spanning a wide variety of music genres. Despite the 'Jazz' name tag, this bass excels in much more, from blues and country, through to rock and metal. Noted for its smooth playability and rich, versatile tonal spectrum, Fender had a strong platform to build upon when bringing the bass into the modern day with its Standard Jazz Bass.

Coming in a variety of colour options, the body is built from fine pieces of Alder with a polyester finish. Solid and reliable, it'll be able to withstand even the most careless of bassists. The body has an offset waist contour, allowing it to sit comfortably while you play.

The necks are carved from maple, and all come with a 20 medium jumbo fretted rosewood fingerboard. The Jazz neck is of the Modern "C" Shape, and comes in slightly thinner than its Precision Bass brother, so we found it a lot more comfortable to play with smaller hands. The four strings are fed through a Standard Vintage Style bridge with individual saddles, and are wound on the headstock by Standard Fender machine heads, all of which provide reliable tuning and great sustain to feed through to your amplifier.

Two Standard Jazz Bass, single coil pickups are dropped into the body, along with a Volume control for each, and one Master Tone control. This proves to be the key in finding a tone suitable for a number of genres. If you want a warmer sound for jazz playing, roll back the bridge pickup volume, and turn the neck one up. Alternatively, should you be providing the low-end to a rock band, then maxing out the bridge pickup volume, whilst turning down the neck by a quarter turn gives the bass a very punchy sound.

SUMMARY: If you're looking to upgrade your starter instrument to something more reliable, or transferring across to bass from guitar, the Fender Standard Jazz bass should certainly feature at the top of your options.

Instrumania provides you with the resource for comparing products on offer from a wide variety of online musical instrument shops, allowing you to find the cheapest Standard Jazz Bass for sale.

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