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For nearly half-a-century, an icon has been amongst us. A household name that will strike a chord with any music professional, a  name that defines simplicity, a name that symbolises endurance and reliability…That name is Shure SM58.


Shure SM58 is a professional cardioid dynamic microphone, commonly used in live vocal applications. Produced since 1966 by Shure Incorporated, it has built a strong reputation among musicians for its durability and sound, and more than four decades later it is still considered the industry standard for live vocal performance microphones


Like all directional microphones, the SM58 is subject to proximity effect, a low frequency boost when used close to the source. The cardioid response reduces pickup from the side and rear, helping to avoid feedback onstage. It uses the balanced XLR three-pin connection. There are wired (with and without on/off switch) and wireless versions. The SM58 uses an internal shock mount to reduce handling noise.


SM58 has become a standard fixture for touring musicians, studio use and DJs and has many, many famous users and has won various awards including "best live microphone"

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