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Fender Acoustasonic 15 - Small but perfectly formed


The name Fender conjours up images of classic telecasters and 60's strats, on huge amp stacks and filling epic stages with noise. What it's easy to forget, however, is that Fender aren't just there for the rockstars. If you're a working musician then the chances are that Fender has got just what you need.

Acoustasonic 15 is just one such example of this commitment to working musicians. This compact, portable amp provides a genuine 15w of trademark Fender sound and is pefect for those more intimate gigs as well as for home use and rehersals. One of the great features of the Acoustasonic is the combination of microphone and guitar inputs with independant level control. So, if you're a solo performer who plays the pubs and clubs and don't want a seperate amp for your mic (or worse still, having to shout) then the Acoustasonic 15 may be just what you are looking for.

Regardless of music genre, Acoustasonic 15 is a real performer and doesn't disappoint. With ergonomic 3-band equaliser controls for both man and instrument as well as chorus adjustment, all the control you need over the sound is present. The Acoustasonic 15 has a stylish retro look about it with textured brown covering and a black grill cloth making it look like something The Who may have used in rehersals back in the 70s. Add this to the charismatic, chunky black controls and you have an amplifier that is as attractive as it is versatile.

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Yamaha are one the world’s largest and most respected instrument manufactures and one of the biggest suppliers of electronic drum kits in the world. With this in mind you can understand our excitement when we heard about the DTX502 series which promises to offer professional performance at a price normally associated with entry-level kits.

Yamaha's new DTX502 Series kits bring pro features to discerning home players on a budget.  Slave to the rhythm no more - professional sounds with exceptional playing 'feel' at great prices define Yamaha's latest mid-range DTX Drum Kits.

Recently independently awarded the prestigious international Quiet Mark for their exceptional 'silent' capability, the DTX kits are perfect for home use on headphones. You can now play any time, night or day without being disturbed or disturbing others.

The new DTX502 series features vastly improved sound quality, highly expressive playability and user-friendly functionality in a range of familiar kit configurations affordable for drummers of all levels.

The new DTX502 trigger module and DTX522k, DTX532k, DTX542k and DTX562k kits combine high level professional and performance features and bring together Yamaha's world-class acoustic drum heritage with state-of-the-art music and sampling technology.


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Fender, one of the most recognisable names in the music industry has announced several new and updated models which are due to arrive in music stores any day now. In addition, Fender have also updated many of their popular models with new designs and upgraded tops.

Fender have added two new models to their popular Cabronita series of electric guitars. The Cabronita Telecaster Thinline which features a traditional ‘Thinline’ construction with distinctive Cabronita styling.  The Thinline features a semi-hollow ash body with f hole and dual Fideli’Tron humbucking pickups which make for a truly distinctive and powerful take on Fender’s first electric guitar.

The Cabronita Precision bass continues the range is a modern stylish twist on Fenders’ revolutionary first bass guitar and, again, adopts the distinctive Cabronita design. Cabronita Precision Bass features an alder body with forearm contour, “C”-shaped maple neck, 9.5”-radius maple cap fingerboard with medium-jumbo frets and black dot inlays.


Fenders’ best-selling standard-series has added upgraded plus-top models to the range. The models to be given the ‘plus top’ treatment include the Stratocaster, Left-Handed Stratocaster, HSS and HSS with locking tremolo. Finally, the time tested Classic Series instruments now feature period-correct nitrocellulose lacquer finishes on the ‘50s Stratocaster, ‘50s Telecaster, ‘50s Precision Bass, ‘60s Stratocaster and ‘60s Jazz Bass® guitars.


A lot of you might not know this interesting fact, but Kurt Cobain played guitar and happened to be the lead singer for a band called Nirvana. Though Nirvana achieved a bit of success back in the early 90's, Cobain has now been commemorated with a reissue by Fender of his 1965 Jaguar, one of the few guitars he didn't smash up on stage.

Kurt Cobain bought his infamous left-handed '65 Jaguar second-hand and became his main guitar during the band’s “Nevermind” touring era. Kurt's guitar featured substantial modifications, carried out by its previous owner, which Fender has incorporated on the tribute model.

These include DiMarzio PAF and DiMarzio Super Distortion humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions respectively, as well as a second volume control, a black three-position toggle switch and black chrome Gotoh bridge.

The combination of the DiMarzio humbuckers and the unusual wiring setup gives the Fender a completely unique sound especially when compared to other Fender models. The DiMarzio humbuckers give the Jag a touch of added sustain in comparison to Fender’s usual signature axes but you can really push out some other distortion types other than grunge. In the style of Cobain himself, the Fender Jaguar gives an abrasive, aggressive and unapologetically raw sound.

Personally, my favourite feature is the Cobain inspired Stratocaster-esque headstock, complete with 'spaghetti' Fender logo, which was not in commission back in ‘65 but further adding to the authenticity to Kurt's Jaguar. Due to it being a tribute guitar, the Road-Worn aged finish and hardware treatment have been knocked up a notch.

Fender isn’t new to artificially aging it’s guitars but the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar is particularly impressive. The level of detail is impeccable on almost every aspect, to the point of jamming dirt into the dents in the pickup screws. Regardless of your thoughts of artificial aging on guitars, Fender has done this so well that every bump, groove and scratch looks authentic.

The fact that the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar is Mexican made is probably the only real “unauthentic” attribute of the tribute. With a great sound, an impressively aged body and a truly unique playing experience, Fender have done a fantastic job of commemorating Generation X’s most missed rock legend.

The original Fender Stratocaster was designed in 1954, and has since become one of the most well known guitars in the world and has featured on a number of iconic tracks at the hands of some of the most talented guitarists in music history.


Squier, a marque of Fender, have a lower cost version of the iconic guitar available for those looking for the classic style without the price tag, The Squier Stratocaster.


A standard Squier Stratocaster is usually made in Indonesia or China and uses local readily available wood for the body, such as agathis and basswood. It’s fairly durable and doesn’t break easily, though when considering buying a Squier Stratocaster, be sure to go for the affinity series as opposed to the bullet series. Although you will save money, the affinity is the superior quality guitar, and is less liable to break.


It is really beautiful both in looks and feel. Its tone is fair, as you would expect from a Squier. Stratocaster guitars like this are suitable for playing alternative and distorted rock although the single coils do let it down a bit. The pickups are Fender Squier stock pickups, and are some of the cheapest and inexpensive out there and provide no real boost to the tone of the guitar, and generate a fair amount of hum and buzz.


The bridge provides no help with staying in tune, especially when using the tremolo bar. The stock strings are Fender 3235’s, but this shouldn’t be taken into consideration if buying the guitar as these can be changed easily. Yet for the price, the Squier Stratocaster is one of the best starter guitars on the market, though the Floyd-Rose style bridge would give beginners a hard time on adjustments.


The Fender Squier Stratocaster is one of the most affordable guitars on the market, and I am sure Leo Fender would be glad to see so many people enjoying the pleasure of his designs, especially on a limited budget.

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