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Buying a new instrument is a very personal adventure for any musician, and buying a new flute is no exception. After all, who knows what you want in a new instrument better than you?

Having said that you should always be open to a good review and after playing with it for a bit now I would recommend anyone who is looking for an up-grade to consider and try out the Yamaha YFL 311.


The Yamaha YFL 311 has a warm rich sound and relatively easy blowing solid silver head joint. I had previously heard much about having a solid silver head joint and had wondered whether silver would make such a difference, but the very first try convinced me. The sound emanating from the Yamaha YFL 311 was different: stronger, clearer and deeper, all without me changing my breathing or embouchure at all. In fact, all three octaves flowed with an even sound that was surprising effortless.


The mechanism on the Yamaha YFL 311 is very similar to the student model Yamaha 21, only quieter. You can stroke the keys, and move on knowing that the note will arrive. The instrument comes with the typical Yamaha hard plastic, velvet lined case which holds the flute safely and well in place, and a plastic cleaning rod.


One small thing that bugs me about the Yamaha YFL 311 is that it tends to get scratched and scuffed rather easily, which could be a problem if it is not well looked after.


Overall I have nothing majorly negative to report on the Yamaha YFL 311, no faults so far have revealed themselves. So if you’re looking for a new cheap flute that holds a fantastic sound, you might want to give the Yamaha YFL 311 a look.

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