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Before we start, I have a confession. Back when I first began pestering my Mum and Dad to buy me a guitar, I was bought a basic model travel guitar from a cheap local music shop. After about a week of play it, I hated it and refused to practice on it, instead borrowing my friends Squier Stratocaster. Now some 11 years on, I meet my old enemy. But this time things were different...much different.

The Hofner Shorty Electric Travel Guitar was nothing like my schoolboy nemesis. Sure it’s a low cost Chinese import but it doesn’t really show. It has a nice basswood neck, the body is finished well comes with decent gig bag and cable.

It does feel a little weird as the balance is off compared to a normal electric guitar and can be a bit awkward to play at first. It took me some time to get used to it.
Where it really gets interesting is when you start to play. It sounds much better than I expected. The humbucker is loud and bright, and has to be one of the most responsive guitars I’ve played especially at this price range. Throw on a few pedals and you’d be amazed at the tone that you can produce. After a bit of fiddling I even managed to run a few riffs and licks in a clean 60’s tone that I love.

The action on the strings is tremendous and the pickup is just as good, so feel free to put your shredding hat on and go for it. From sheer play-ability, and tonality aspect, the Hofner is miles ahead of its counterparts.

I didn’t think I would ever say this about a travel guitar but I genuinely love the Hofner Shorty. Not because it is easy to travel with but because out of all the guitars in this sort of price range I've ever played, I’ve never played anything that sounds as good and plays as well as the Hofner Shorty. Quite simply, the Hofner does the job it was designed to do and it does it well.  

If you are in the market for a low cost travel electric guitar, that sounds great, offers a nice bright tone and not just “another guitar”, you have to check out the Hofner Shorty Travel Guitar model, a great axe for the intrepid travellers amongst us.


Gibson have a great story about Guns N’ Roses’ debut album, Appetite for Destruction, where a young Slash was getting frustrated when trying to achieve the right “tone” with a range of contemporary electric guitars. “Then someone handed him a reissue-style Les Paul Standard, and that was all she wrote.”

With the Les Paul in hand, Slash laid down a host of riffs powered the biggest-selling debut album of all time and propelling songs like “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Paradise City”, into the hearts and minds of musicians everywhere.

With the rock legend offering his valuable input, the Gibson Slash Appetite Les Paul model focuses on maintaining the impeccable styling of the original first sold in 1952 as well as tweaking the sound to fit Slash’s playing style.

Just like Slash’s original guitar he used for “Appetite for Destruction”, the Gibson Slash Appetite Les Paul mimics a lot of the most admired features of the original Les Paul Standards from the late 50’s and early 60’s, such as a slim neck profile and a body based on a 1959 Les Paul.

Gibson have done a brilliant job in the authentic finish that gives the Slash Appetite Les Paul the look of a gently aged vintage guitar and features like a traditional Les Paul carved maple top and mahogany back and a one-piece mahogany neck give this axe tremendous character.

The Gibson Slash Appetite Les Paul model features Slash inspired hardware in two Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash signature humbucker pickups at both the neck and bridge positions, which offer players an incredible selection of sounds with a mini-toggle switch inserted between the iconic volume control knobs to help regulate acoustic and hybrid acoustic/electric tones.

From the second I plugged this thing into my Marshall Amp, the classic-rock sound I had been hoping for just exploded out of the speakers. The sound is exactly what you’d expect from a Les Paul/Marshall combo with chords giving a nice thick, chunky, deep tone, and lengthy, howling notes when soloing.

With features and characteristics that inspire Slash, Gibson Custom has created one of its most distinct and best sounding Les Paul models ever, and quite possible the perfect axe for any Slash fans.


The Washburn guitar company started making guitars in 1883 in Chicago and since then has gained a lot of recognition from the extreme metal, hardcore punk and post-rock genres.


The Washburn Idol Series has been around for over 10 years and hasn’t changed much since it’s inception in 1999. As with most guitar series, Washburn Original Idol electric guitars vary in price depending on features and specification. There are several guitars that make up the Washburn Original Idol series such as the Washburn WIPRO Lite, WIDLXLITE and WI STDLITE.


Washburn has the knowledge and experience you can rely on, and that kind of experience is well built into WI STDLITE. With a mahogany body and neck, the WI STDLITE is sturdy enough for even the most hardened rockers. The cherryburst finish is immaculate and complements the pearl wing inlays of the fretboard. To put it plainly, this guitar looks amazing. It feels reliable and Washburn have clearly put a great deal of time and effort into producing such a good-looking guitar.

The Washburn has a rosewood fretboard that feels very similar to popular guitars such as a Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster, offering players immediate familiarity.


The WI STDLITE is fitted with all the features you could possibly wish for in a mid range guitar and suits a variety of playing styles. You can see that Washburn have carefully chosen features to ensure that they leave no guitar player's desire unfulfilled.


Though it is advertised as “ready to play out of the box”, the Washburn WI STDLITE needs a little tinkering before it’s ready to roll. Thankfully it’s very easy to set it up and you can be playing within a few minutes of adjustments.


The fitted Duncan USM Humbucker pickups are tremendous and give a real crunchy sound out the mid tones. Ideal for rock/metal players that are after something a bit different. Played through my Marshall 100 watt tube, the Washburn makes it really easy to get perfect tones out of it. Playing this guitar day in day out is a pure joy. It stays in tune despite prolonged use and travelling.


If you need an instrument that’s sturdy enough to deal with life’s mishaps, looks great and carries an impressive sound then you really should take a look at the Washburn WI STDLITE. Built to last and sound great, you’d be hard pushed to find another guitar that offers the same bang for your buck than the Washburn WI STDLITE.


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My young son has been playing acoustic guitar for some time now and I knew it was only a matter of time before he wanted to progress onto electric.  That question came a couple of weeks ago so with his birthday in early December I decided to go with the Sunburst children’s electric guitar.  Very impressed with the build quality which is very robust and perfect for all those times the guitar gets dropped whilst getting to grips with how to hold this type of guitar. 

The body is made from solid wood and is exactly the same in design to an adult’s electric guitar which I thought was great. That’ll make it really easy to move onto a full-size one when he gets older.  He’s 10 now and growing at a rate of knots so I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s asking for a full-size model.  The one thing I wanted to avoid was a toy guitar and the Sunburst is anything but!  It’s a serious bit of kit for a 10 year old and he was so excited unwrapping it that he nearly fainted! 

We have already got an amplifier so I was interested to see how the sound would be when plugged in.

We did look at another cheaper guitar, but the guitar reviews on Amazon were pretty bad so we’re glad we went with the Sunburst in the end.  In terms of size, it’s just right and should be fine for my son for a few years yet.  All in all, delighted with this guitar and looking forward to hearing all the great tunes that start to flow from it as my son learns more at guitar lessons.

One thing I would say is to start with acoustic before getting into electric guitar.  It’s good to get to grips with the basic sounds of the guitar before messing with the mechanics and versatility of an electric guitar.  Thought this was great value for money and all in all we’re really happy with the choice we made. 


Whilst this is a review for the Marshall MG100HFX, I’d like to run through a little scenario that is becoming more and more common first.


You’ve gone to the trouble of buying a top of the range guitar. You’ve gone to the music shop and played it, before coming to Instrumania to compare guitar prices. You’ve ordered it, opened the box and strummed your first chord.


That’s the moment you realise, “this doesn’t sound like it did in the shop”. Now my friend, your top of the range guitar needs a sidekick in the shape of a quality electric guitar amplifier.


It goes without saying that Marshall make some of the best amplifiers around, solid state, combo or otherwise, so one option is the Marshall MG100HFX amplifier.


The Marshall MG100HFX amp comes with some great built in effects, which allow you to vary your sound across a wide range of genres. There is also a button which thickens the sound and replicates the same sound as a tube amp a perfect option for when you're playing loud.


The Marshall MG100HFX amplifier is incredibly versatile. You can play any type of music through this amp and still get a decent sound from it.


As for power, this cheap amplifier packs 100 watts of pure energy, giving it plenty of power, so if you ever are daring enough to turn it up to 10, you better hold on to something solid.


The amp’s clean setting can throw out anything from very calm smooth sound to a harsh rock and with the overdrive option you can really experiment and do pretty much anything.


So if you’re in the market for a new quality electric guitar amplifier, with a top of the range sound without the top of the range price tag to match, then look no further than the Marshall MG100HFX amplifier. You can compare musical instruments and amplifiers right here at Instrumania to ensure you are always getting the best deal.

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