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The RG is one of the most recognizable and distinctive guitars Ibanez have ever made. Used back in the 80's by the likes of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, the RG series of guitars became synonymous with guitarist's seeking to push the boundaries of various genres of music. Still a firm favourite today the Ibanez RG1550 is still at the forefront of guitar technology.


Being a Prestige, it was not made in China but is actually a Japanese-made axe that is sure to turn heads and warp minds with a colour and specifications inspired by the original 1987 Ibanez RG's.


Lightning fast fretboard work is no problem with the refined fast Prestige Wizard neck offering better grip, feel and tone, flat fingerboard and jumbo frets


The Ibanez RG1550 tremolo uses innovation to keep string action constant and the bridge surface smooth. The specially designed arm socket prevents unnecessary wobble from the arm while providing full control over the arm's torque.


RG Tremolo models have a sharp knife-edge for extremely accurate tremolo playing and stand up to the most abusive whammy bar users around, while still maintaining perfect tuning stability due to the ZPS3 Zero Point System.


The ZPS3 Zero Point System is the next stage of zero point systems. Made of lightweight Duralumin, the addition of two outer springs makes the guitar easier to tune and provides much greater tuning stability. In fact, the other strings will stay in tune even if you break a string. If you prefer a full floating tremolo setup, simply remove the stop bar.


The Ibanez RG1550 Prestige is actually a really versatile instrument. The bridge humbucker has a nice sound distorted and sounds pretty good clean too, though a little harsh but this can be waved away using the tone control.


The Ibanez RG1550 really sings with string bends and Zack Wylde style pinched harmonics are easily pulled off though the Ibanez RG1550 occasionally lacks a bit of low end punch in drop tunings but nothing overly noticeable.


Overall the beautiful Ibanez RG1550 Prestige guitar has been used for many years by hard rock and metal bands, and they are still using them today. The RG Prestige series has been running for over 15 years, and is still thriving. Find an Ibanez RG1550 Prestige and other cheap musical instruments at Instrumania, the musical instrument comparison site.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to get to close grips with Ibanez’s slender RGA42 FM fixed bridge guitar offering, and have been putting it through its paces at home and on stage. Here’s how it lines up.


The solid mahogany body with stained flame maple top of the RGA42 is extremely light, and available in Transparent Grey Burst, Bright Blue Burst or Transparent Red Burst. It features a Superstrat style body with Ibanez’s trademark sharper and deeper cutaways for edgier looks and improved access to the higher frets.


Hardware consists of “Cosmos Black” Gibraltar Standard through-body strung bridge, one volume control, pickup rings, strap buttons and machine heads. All of these are accompanied by an active EQ switch which acts as a switch to cut out mids, and a 3-way selector switch to flick between the pair of LZ3 humbuckers, or a blend of both.


Ibanez’s 3-piece Wizard II bolt on neck is finished with a bound rosewood fret board, pearl dot fret markers and 24 jumbo frets.


Out of the box, the guitar is reasonably well setup, with pickup height requiring little adjustment. The neck needed no truss rod adjustment, and in all received action adjustment to suit, and minor intonation adjustments.


The Wizard II neck lends itself to budding new guitarists and experts alike, plus everyone in between. It has a comfortable and thin profile allowing it to fit superbly in hand, whether you’re practising chord shapes and scales, or shredding a tight sweep picking solo.


The hardware is a very solid set, and kept tuning well, even when tuning down to lower tunings. The sustain through the body, bridge and the active pickups is fantastic; and the LZ3s produce little to no noise at high gain – just very crunching overdrive, while the neck pickup is perfect for blues-inspired playing, or for warmer lead lines. Between both humbuckers and the EQ switch, the pickup configuration provides a very wide range of sounds.


SUMMARY: Whether you’re walking through light blues rock, strumming some good ol’ fashioned rock and roll, or shredding heavy metal, this guitar is able to handle it all effortlessly, and comes back for more.

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