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Mesa/Boogie are one of the most reveared names in the guitar industry and their amplifiers have remained the first choice of many professional musicians for years.


Mesa have just launched an all new range of drive pedals built by the brains behind the legendary Dual Rectifier and the award-winning Mark Five. Designed and built to Mesa Boogie's exacting standards in their Petaluma shop, these lovingly crafted pedals really are one for the purists.


The first pedeal is the tone-bust boost/overdrive pedal. This offers a virtually transparent gain range usually associated with “clean” boost pedals. However, the TONE-BURST has enough gain to boost your guitar to the threshold of clip and slightly beyond, making it far more useful for a variety of applications. It’s incredibly powerful for adding boost, drive and/or EQ to any guitar and amp combination. Whether using it as a utility to boost the output of single coils to match a humbucker or as a subtle overdrive when a standard overdrive may be too much, the TONE-BURST is an incredibly useful and expressive pedal that makes the best things sound even better!


Then we come to the Grid Slammer (what an awesome name!). This is a classic-style overdrive pedal that produces a variable boost in gain over a wide range with a classic, guitar-centric midrange bump that enhances many different playing styles. It’s a true overdrive “specialist” that covers an amazing array of what many top players consider the most expressive and musical ranges of overdrive. From sweet, subtle breakup to a harmonically smoldering overdrive that can both sting and sing, the GRID SLAMMER sets a new bar in legendary overdrive!


The Flux Drive is an overdrive pedal with a few added extras.  It has more liquid gain and enhanced sustain that easily feeds into rich harmonic overtones making it incredibly addictive and inspiring to play, especially to enhance a crunch or higher gain amp channel! It also offers a more complete tone-shaping network with individual Treble and Bass controls. This architecture makes the FLUX-DRIVE a more complete preamp with added versatility beyond that of most overdrive pedals.


Last, but obviously not least, is the Throttle Box (no lineup would be complete without a distortion pedal). Throttle box serves up all genres of ROCK with cut and aggression, but retains the signature warmth and organic sonic quality found in all our instruments. While its main strengths lie in higher-gain sounds, it’s also versatile and the lower gain options shouldn’t be overlooked for classic rock or howling blues. It also features a unique Mid Cut that scoops out midrange to produce the signature Boogie “V” EQ-curve to create the world’s heaviest guitar tones!


So, there you have it, four of the best from on the biggest names in the business and don't forget, if you want to find the lowest prices on Mesa Boogie or Mesa Engineering guitar amplifiers and accessories you can compare prices at

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