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Compare Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 prices at Not only are the No.1 price comparison website for musical instruments, allowing you to compare thousands of instrument prices from hundreds of online music stores. We also let you compare DJ equipment prices, studio equipment prices and PA equipment prices. Here we look at the popular Mixtrack Pro 2 and try to determine what all the fuss is about.

It's been over 2 years since the launch of the original Numark Mixtrack Pro and, although it's clever design and affordable price tag may have been an indicator, nobody would have dared to predict the true level of this controllers popularity. Mixtrack Pro became the worlds best-selling DJ controller seemingly overnight with thousands upon thousands of units being sold worldwide.


Mixtrack Pro 2 was announced at the NAMM show in California at the start of 2013 and was undoubtably going to be the biggest talked about DJ product of the year. 


Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 now features a streamlined design and expanded layout of professional controls, including 16 backlit multifunction drum pads and illuminated touch-activated platters. With Mixtrack Pro II, you get everything you need to DJ with your computer: hot cues, looping, and effects controls, a built-in professional DJ audio interface, plus Serato DJ Intro software.


Mixtrack Pro II comes tailor-made for dynamic performance. Create loops, launch samples, and control hot cues with the 16 backlit rubber drum pads. Instantly switch between Loop Mode, Sample Mode, and Hot Cue Mode. Mixtrack Pro II’s new slimline low-profile design is made to be played with a complete mixer section, precise crossfader, 3-band EQ, and dedicated music library navigation controls. You’ll be able to spend more time interacting with the music and less time staring at the computer screen. Pitch and Sync controls are onboard for seamless and easy mixing and 16 dedicated effects controls let you add and manipulate flanger, phaser, echo, and more.


Get precise control over every track and every transition with Mixtrack Pro II’s advanced low-profile platters. Both are capacitive and dual-zone, giving you the ability to scratch or stop a track simply by touching the top of the platter, while at the same time allowing you to adjust the pitch by manipulating the platter from the side.


Mixtrack Pro II gives you comprehensive control over its included Serato® software. Plus, it’s class-compliant with both Mac and PC, so you’ll be able to plug in and start mixing your music right away—no drivers or complicated set up necessary.


  • Simply plug-and-play—Serato DJ Intro and Mixtrack Pro II take the hassle out of setting up: connect your speakers to your Mixtrack Pro II and connect your Mixtrack Pro II to your laptop—it's that simple.
  • Mix it up—Beatmatch and scratch music files from your computer like a pro with Serato DJ Intro's groundbreaking colored waveforms.
  • Get creative—Cue Points and Loops let you mark, access, and repeat specific parts of a song, while Serato’s DJ FX infuse your tracks with a range of professional effects like flanger, phaser, echo, and more.
  • Drop it—Drop air horns or entire tunes; the four-slot sample player will help you layer individual sounds to add even more fun to your sets.
  • Create professional sounding mixes at home or performing live at parties, functions, and clubs. Mixtrack Pro II operates via standard MIDI, so it’s compatible with virtually any popular DJ software.


With its built-in audio system, Mixtrack Pro II is ready to go right out of the box. Plug in your headphones, microphone, and PA system and start mixing right away with no external audio interface needed. Plus, Mixtrack Pro II has two headphone jacks, making it easy to mix with friends and fellow DJs or tradeoff in-between sets.


So...there you have it, the Mixtrack Pro 2 from Numark was always guaranteed to be a sucess but, once again, nobody could have predicted just HOW MUCH of a success it was. If you want to buy a Mixtrack Pro 2 and want to compare Mixtrack Pro 2 prices then you can at, the UK and Europes largest price comparison site for Instruments and accessories, DJ and studio equipment and PA and sound gear. Compare Numark Mixtrack Pro II prices today at

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