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Mackie DLM series includes the Mackie DLM8 and DLM12 full range active speakers and the DLM12S active subwoofer. You can compare Mackie DLM speaker prices at and find the cheapest Mackie DLM speaker from hundreds of different online stores. is the UK and Europes largest instrument price comparison site and is commited to bringing you the lowest prices on musical instruments, PA gear, studio equipment and DJ products.

Mackie active speakers have long-since been a mainstay amongst performers and installers alike. From the Mackie Thump series and legendry SRM450’s used by mobile DJ’s and bands the world over to the mighty HD series designed to meet the approval of even the most demanding sound engineer. Mackie have now put all their knowledge and expertise into a new series of high-performance, yet incredibly compact, active PA loudspeakers…Introducing the Mackie DLM range, the new shape of Mackie sound.


Mackie DLM push the boundaries of what is possible from a truly portable powered speaker. Designed with ultimate portability in mind the Mackie DLM range delivers almost impossible amounts of sound from small, lightweight cabinets. If someone said 20 years ago that you could get 2000w of power from an 8” speaker cabinet weighing less than 10kg they’d be accused of witchcraft. Mackie DLM active PA speakers don’t rely on witchcraft, instead they can put their incredible specification down to Mackies patented TruSource technology and ultra-efficient Class-D amplification.


Mackie DLM8 heads up the range and is approximately 1/3 smaller than a traditional 2-way cabinet. Despite it’s remarkable compact size, the Mackie DLM-8 still manages to incorporate a DL2 digital mixer, 16 powerful effects and a wide selection of inputs and outputs making it perfect for almost any portable PA application. Versatility is further aided by a number of mounting options, both the Mackie DLM8 and DLM12 compact active PA speakers can be pole or wall mounted, stacked or even flown making them suitable for installation or mobile use.


Mackie DLM12 continues this extraordinary range of powered portable speakers offering the same incredible range of features as the DLM8. DLM-12 boasts an impressive frequency range making it a perfect all-in-one PA system for mobile DJ’s and bands. It’s hard to believe that, as an entertainer, you can turn up at a decent-size venue with a single pair of 12” active speakers and fill the room with sound but this is now possible thanks to the Mackie DLM range.


Mackie DLM12S provides hoards of earth-shattering bottom end that will keep even the most ardent bass-heads happy.  Using the same superior technology as the rest of the range, the DLM-12S is the highest-output compact subwoofer  on the market. Incorporating a digital crossover to ensure the best possible frequency response the DLM12S sits perfectly alongside the DLM8 or DLM12 to create a hugely powerful complete PA system that will fit in the boot of your car.


I must admit that I had my doubts when I heard about the Mackie DLM range, surely something had to give? In order to provide bucket-loads of power and still keep these speakers so lightweight surely the build-quality has suffered. Amazingly (and much to the relief of the DJ’s and band members amongst us) this really isn’t the case. Mackie have used rugged ABS cabinets across the DLM range, each equipped with a heavy-duty carry handle for easy portability. Powder coated 20 gauge steel grills are further evidence of Mackies commitment to DLM’s roadworthy credentials.


So, to conclude, Mackie have delivered the goods. DLM active speakers are destined to be another roaring success for Mackie and reaffirm their reputation for designing and building superior active PA systems.


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 Here's a world first from one of the most respected names in the industry. Studiomaster have announced      the release of the "Starlight" which they are billing as a complete "sound and lighting" cabinet.


 Available as either a 12" or 15" system, Starlight combines 250 watt self powered FOH reinforcement and a  50 watt powered side mounted monitor driver within each cabinet.


 Each cabinet features a rear panel mounted 2-channel mixer with one balanced XLR mic and line inputs, and  one with balanced XLR and stereo phono inputs. There is a 3-band EQ and a separate monitor level control  and input for a foldback signal from a mixing console.


 It also incorporates a recessed side slot housing six high-power LEDs with dispersion lenses. The in-built  lighting controller features 13 programs, including seven static colours, fade to colour change, sound to light;  brightness and speed are also adjustable. The Starlight cabinets are supplied as matched pairs, with the  LEDs and monitors angled inward towards the performers’ stage position.


 Studiomaster Head of R&D and designer of the Starlight series, Paul Belcher, explained: “The Starlight  system is targeted at solo artists and duos, small bands, and DJs – where the monitor speaker is a  particular bonus. It is also highly applicable in smaller venues and music bars; in fact anywhere where you  need good PA sound reinforcement and a colour light show.


 “Simply mounted on a speaker stand, with power and audio signal connected, it is ready to go. It’s a feature configuration that in so many different applications makes perfect sense, and it is a unique concept that we plan to develop further in other product ranges.”

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