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Yamaha Silent Guitar does (to use a worn-out expression) exactly what it says on the tin. Designed to offer a complete guitar experience but allowing the musician to play anywhere at any time without limitations.

Despite it's modern, minimalist appearance, each silent guitar model is designed to play true to it's 'real' equivalent. Featuring a conventional guitar neck surrounded by a beautifully crafted body, the professional musician will have no problem in simply picking up and playing.

Whether you want to lay down track ideas in the studio, practice backstage before a gig of jam at home without disturbing the neighbours the Silent Guitar allows you to play your music wherever and whenever. 

Yamaha Silent Guitar should not be written off as a gimmick or novelty, instead it should be embraced as a professional tool which allows musicians to play their music when and wherever inspiration strikes.

Silent Guitar comes in 3 models, the SLG130NW offers the feel of a classical guitar while the SLG110N and SLG110S are based around conventional electric and acoustic guitar models.


Whichever Yamaha Silent Guitar model suits you, you know you can find the lowest UK price and compare Yamaha guitar prices and thousands of other musical instruments and accessories at 

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