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The Washburn guitar company started making guitars in 1883 in Chicago and since then has gained a lot of recognition from the extreme metal, hardcore punk and post-rock genres.


The Washburn Idol Series has been around for over 10 years and hasn’t changed much since it’s inception in 1999. As with most guitar series, Washburn Original Idol electric guitars vary in price depending on features and specification. There are several guitars that make up the Washburn Original Idol series such as the Washburn WIPRO Lite, WIDLXLITE and WI STDLITE.


Washburn has the knowledge and experience you can rely on, and that kind of experience is well built into WI STDLITE. With a mahogany body and neck, the WI STDLITE is sturdy enough for even the most hardened rockers. The cherryburst finish is immaculate and complements the pearl wing inlays of the fretboard. To put it plainly, this guitar looks amazing. It feels reliable and Washburn have clearly put a great deal of time and effort into producing such a good-looking guitar.

The Washburn has a rosewood fretboard that feels very similar to popular guitars such as a Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster, offering players immediate familiarity.


The WI STDLITE is fitted with all the features you could possibly wish for in a mid range guitar and suits a variety of playing styles. You can see that Washburn have carefully chosen features to ensure that they leave no guitar player's desire unfulfilled.


Though it is advertised as “ready to play out of the box”, the Washburn WI STDLITE needs a little tinkering before it’s ready to roll. Thankfully it’s very easy to set it up and you can be playing within a few minutes of adjustments.


The fitted Duncan USM Humbucker pickups are tremendous and give a real crunchy sound out the mid tones. Ideal for rock/metal players that are after something a bit different. Played through my Marshall 100 watt tube, the Washburn makes it really easy to get perfect tones out of it. Playing this guitar day in day out is a pure joy. It stays in tune despite prolonged use and travelling.


If you need an instrument that’s sturdy enough to deal with life’s mishaps, looks great and carries an impressive sound then you really should take a look at the Washburn WI STDLITE. Built to last and sound great, you’d be hard pushed to find another guitar that offers the same bang for your buck than the Washburn WI STDLITE.


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