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Yamaha Silent Guitar does (to use a worn-out expression) exactly what it says on the tin. Designed to offer a complete guitar experience but allowing the musician to play anywhere at any time without limitations.

Despite it's modern, minimalist appearance, each silent guitar model is designed to play true to it's 'real' equivalent. Featuring a conventional guitar neck surrounded by a beautifully crafted body, the professional musician will have no problem in simply picking up and playing.

Whether you want to lay down track ideas in the studio, practice backstage before a gig of jam at home without disturbing the neighbours the Silent Guitar allows you to play your music wherever and whenever. 

Yamaha Silent Guitar should not be written off as a gimmick or novelty, instead it should be embraced as a professional tool which allows musicians to play their music when and wherever inspiration strikes.

Silent Guitar comes in 3 models, the SLG130NW offers the feel of a classical guitar while the SLG110N and SLG110S are based around conventional electric and acoustic guitar models.


Whichever Yamaha Silent Guitar model suits you, you know you can find the lowest UK price and compare Yamaha guitar prices and thousands of other musical instruments and accessories at 


The Yamaha PSR E333 is one of the top beginner keyboards on the market. Of course this is in some part due to this being one of the most affordable instruments to feature a velocity sensitive keyboard available in Yamaha ‘s PSR range.


Alongside the velocity sensitive keyboard, the PSR E333 is jam packed with features and sounds with 113 voices, 361 Xglite voices, 13 drum voices and a special effects kit to sink your teeth into. Partner this alongside over 100 different accompaniment styles and you have yourself a keyboard that can cope with just about any style of music you could imagine.


In addition to the huge range of voices, there are load of effects to experiment with too such as 9 reverb settings, 4 chorus types, sustain and a dual/layer function two voices to be overlapped, perfect for quick compositions and harmonies.


A two-track recorder is also built in helping beginners to create, record and playback your performances and brief compositions. The PSR-E333 can also be connected to a computer via the USB socket on its back panel for use with composition software.


The E333 is perfect for use in a wide number of environments, be it a quick practice session at home, a music lesson at school or recording at the studio due to its battery power option, offering portability to a traditionally static instrument.


The E333 is great for those wishing to educate themselves with the keyboard. The Yamaha Education Suite teaches users a range of skills such as rhythm and timing, chord identification, strike accuracy and even offers a method of progress monitoring to easily track your improvement as the week go by. Conveniently the PSR-E333 can be set to the Portable Grand function at the touch of a button, producing a rich, stereo sampled concert grand piano sound, ideal for some pre-exam practice.


The Yamaha PSR E333 combines a touch-sensitive keyboard with the E233’s impeccable technology offering beginners a lower cost alternative without sacrificing on sound quality. Priced up at around £165*, there really is no competition when it come to value for money. Search Instrumania now for the best price on the Yamaha PSR E333, a true candidate for the best beginner keyboard on the market today.


*At the time of writing

Buying a new instrument is a very personal adventure for any musician, and buying a new flute is no exception. After all, who knows what you want in a new instrument better than you?

Having said that you should always be open to a good review and after playing with it for a bit now I would recommend anyone who is looking for an up-grade to consider and try out the Yamaha YFL 311.


The Yamaha YFL 311 has a warm rich sound and relatively easy blowing solid silver head joint. I had previously heard much about having a solid silver head joint and had wondered whether silver would make such a difference, but the very first try convinced me. The sound emanating from the Yamaha YFL 311 was different: stronger, clearer and deeper, all without me changing my breathing or embouchure at all. In fact, all three octaves flowed with an even sound that was surprising effortless.


The mechanism on the Yamaha YFL 311 is very similar to the student model Yamaha 21, only quieter. You can stroke the keys, and move on knowing that the note will arrive. The instrument comes with the typical Yamaha hard plastic, velvet lined case which holds the flute safely and well in place, and a plastic cleaning rod.


One small thing that bugs me about the Yamaha YFL 311 is that it tends to get scratched and scuffed rather easily, which could be a problem if it is not well looked after.


Overall I have nothing majorly negative to report on the Yamaha YFL 311, no faults so far have revealed themselves. So if you’re looking for a new cheap flute that holds a fantastic sound, you might want to give the Yamaha YFL 311 a look.

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