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 Here's a world first from one of the most respected names in the industry. Studiomaster have announced      the release of the "Starlight" which they are billing as a complete "sound and lighting" cabinet.


 Available as either a 12" or 15" system, Starlight combines 250 watt self powered FOH reinforcement and a  50 watt powered side mounted monitor driver within each cabinet.


 Each cabinet features a rear panel mounted 2-channel mixer with one balanced XLR mic and line inputs, and  one with balanced XLR and stereo phono inputs. There is a 3-band EQ and a separate monitor level control  and input for a foldback signal from a mixing console.


 It also incorporates a recessed side slot housing six high-power LEDs with dispersion lenses. The in-built  lighting controller features 13 programs, including seven static colours, fade to colour change, sound to light;  brightness and speed are also adjustable. The Starlight cabinets are supplied as matched pairs, with the  LEDs and monitors angled inward towards the performers’ stage position.


 Studiomaster Head of R&D and designer of the Starlight series, Paul Belcher, explained: “The Starlight  system is targeted at solo artists and duos, small bands, and DJs – where the monitor speaker is a  particular bonus. It is also highly applicable in smaller venues and music bars; in fact anywhere where you  need good PA sound reinforcement and a colour light show.


 “Simply mounted on a speaker stand, with power and audio signal connected, it is ready to go. It’s a feature configuration that in so many different applications makes perfect sense, and it is a unique concept that we plan to develop further in other product ranges.”

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