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Purchasing a cheap banjo can be difficult. Most people start out feeling very enthusiastic hoping that the banjo will be the musical instrument for them and it is sure to develop into a lifelong passion and talent. However, for many this simply isn't always the case, and there is nothing worse than forking out a huge sum of money only to lose interest and determination within a few weeks.

The banjo prices can reach up into the thousands and is not an easy instrument to play, requiring a great deal of patience and practice. So, what better way to introduce yourself to the instrument than buying a cheap banjo, on which to learn the ropes.


The Ozark 2104G tenor banjo is an ideal choice for any beginner looking for a cheap banjo. Ozark has a reputation for outstanding instruments whose materials and specification are of the highest standard.

When looking at a cheap banjo, such as the Ozark 2104G, it is important to remember that a more expensive instrument does not necessarily produce better sound or fuller notes.  The Ozark offers a versatile tone which is pleasant to here whilst remaining fantastic value for money and even sounds great with or without the wooden back. This is due to a number of factors such as the quality of the pre-packaged strings and the strong and sturdy design.


Complete with a solid Mahogany neck, the strong & sturdy design of the 2104G makes it a great cheap banjo and an ideal choice for new or beginner players. The action is great allowing for a really comfortable playing position, and impressive features including a detachable Resonator and an official Remo Head all add to the Ozark’s charm.

The Ozark 2104G 5-String Banjo is a well crafted, comfortable entry-level model that offers beginners a great start in the Banjo world. If you are looking for a cheap banjo that is fantastic value for money, plays well and looks great, look no further than the Ozark 2104G.

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