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My young son has been playing acoustic guitar for some time now and I knew it was only a matter of time before he wanted to progress onto electric.  That question came a couple of weeks ago so with his birthday in early December I decided to go with the Sunburst children’s electric guitar.  Very impressed with the build quality which is very robust and perfect for all those times the guitar gets dropped whilst getting to grips with how to hold this type of guitar. 

The body is made from solid wood and is exactly the same in design to an adult’s electric guitar which I thought was great. That’ll make it really easy to move onto a full-size one when he gets older.  He’s 10 now and growing at a rate of knots so I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s asking for a full-size model.  The one thing I wanted to avoid was a toy guitar and the Sunburst is anything but!  It’s a serious bit of kit for a 10 year old and he was so excited unwrapping it that he nearly fainted! 

We have already got an amplifier so I was interested to see how the sound would be when plugged in.

We did look at another cheaper guitar, but the guitar reviews on Amazon were pretty bad so we’re glad we went with the Sunburst in the end.  In terms of size, it’s just right and should be fine for my son for a few years yet.  All in all, delighted with this guitar and looking forward to hearing all the great tunes that start to flow from it as my son learns more at guitar lessons.

One thing I would say is to start with acoustic before getting into electric guitar.  It’s good to get to grips with the basic sounds of the guitar before messing with the mechanics and versatility of an electric guitar.  Thought this was great value for money and all in all we’re really happy with the choice we made. 

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