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The Zildjian A Custom range was introduced to offer a contemporary alternative to the company’s longstanding Avedis series of cymbals, which have been a keen favourite amongst percussionists since their introduction. Zildjian did not introduce the A custom series to offer a departure from their signature sound; it is more an additional option which allows musicians to fine tune their sound.

The A Custom series offers musicians a range of choices in varied diameters to further hone their signature sound. The Fast Crash and EFX have experienced much commercial success, becoming popular lines. Other options include the Crash, Medium Crash and Projection Crash.

This choice allows drummers to mix and match their sound, creating a bespoke drum kit which is truly unique. As in true Zildjian style, the cymbals are made adhering to their traditional formula of 80 per cent copper and 20 percent tin, with the occasional glimmer of silver.

So if the formula used in manufacture is very similar to the Avedis range, what is it that makes the sound different? Well this is not so easy to determine, because of course Zildjian keep their exact methods of production very close to their chests, and so they should. It is the way these materials are mixed however, rather than a change in the ratio of materials used, which creates the higher pitched sound.

In terms of aesthetics, the Zildjian A Custom 14” Crash cymbals have a brilliant finish and have been buffed, to quote the official Zildjian catalogue, “to a warm golden hue”. The cymbals’ lathing consists of neat bands, which start at the centre of the cymbal and work outwards towards the edge. Under stage lights, or even just the lights in your garage, the lathing bands create a shimmering effect which is magnified when the cymbals are struck.

What about the sound I hear you cry. The 14” is of course a very fast talking cymbal, although it is still able to produce a significant volume of sound which belies its small size. Compared to other crashes you may have had the pleasure to strike in the past, there is no denying the Zildjian A Custom 14” is relatively high pitched, but despite that, the sound is full, strong and by no means brittle. 

For a beautiful looking crash cymbal which enables you to create a sound very much of your own, the Zildjian A Custom 14” Crash is fast enough and loud enough to do your talking for you. For the very best prices, take a look at the Zildjian A Custom 14” Crash here at Instrumania.

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