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A lot of you might not know this interesting fact, but Kurt Cobain played guitar and happened to be the lead singer for a band called Nirvana. Though Nirvana achieved a bit of success back in the early 90's, Cobain has now been commemorated with a reissue by Fender of his 1965 Jaguar, one of the few guitars he didn't smash up on stage.

Kurt Cobain bought his infamous left-handed '65 Jaguar second-hand and became his main guitar during the band’s “Nevermind” touring era. Kurt's guitar featured substantial modifications, carried out by its previous owner, which Fender has incorporated on the tribute model.

These include DiMarzio PAF and DiMarzio Super Distortion humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions respectively, as well as a second volume control, a black three-position toggle switch and black chrome Gotoh bridge.

The combination of the DiMarzio humbuckers and the unusual wiring setup gives the Fender a completely unique sound especially when compared to other Fender models. The DiMarzio humbuckers give the Jag a touch of added sustain in comparison to Fender’s usual signature axes but you can really push out some other distortion types other than grunge. In the style of Cobain himself, the Fender Jaguar gives an abrasive, aggressive and unapologetically raw sound.

Personally, my favourite feature is the Cobain inspired Stratocaster-esque headstock, complete with 'spaghetti' Fender logo, which was not in commission back in ‘65 but further adding to the authenticity to Kurt's Jaguar. Due to it being a tribute guitar, the Road-Worn aged finish and hardware treatment have been knocked up a notch.

Fender isn’t new to artificially aging it’s guitars but the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar is particularly impressive. The level of detail is impeccable on almost every aspect, to the point of jamming dirt into the dents in the pickup screws. Regardless of your thoughts of artificial aging on guitars, Fender has done this so well that every bump, groove and scratch looks authentic.

The fact that the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar is Mexican made is probably the only real “unauthentic” attribute of the tribute. With a great sound, an impressively aged body and a truly unique playing experience, Fender have done a fantastic job of commemorating Generation X’s most missed rock legend.


Fender are set to release a new line of Vintage Modified basses, including this beautiful little tobacco burst number - the Vintage Modified Mustang. With a retail set at £347, it looks to be very affordable for the discerning bassist looking to reach (literally) into the short scale section of low-end goodness. The official press release from the guitar masters reads as follows:

"A truly classic Fender bass guitar model from the mid-1960s returns in the sleek, short-scale form of the Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Bass. The instrument honors its 1966 ancestor with a basswood body finished in Black or Three-color Sunburst, 19-fret maple neck and 30-inch scale perfect for players of all kinds who appreciate the comfort of a short-scale instrument. Other features include a Duncan Designed split single-coil pickup, three-ply pickguard, chrome tuners and distinctive Mustang Bass four-saddle bridge. Superior tone, smooth playability, great comfort and fantastic value."

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