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Renowned guitar effects pedal producer, DigiTech, has recently launched the new JamMan Solo, a more compact version of its popular JamMan stomp box.


This little tool is a must-have for any guitar players who want to play layered guitar lines and loop phrases. It’s a great aid in composing new music and also for playing along with your favourite tracks.


The original JamMan won a lot of praise, from both the music press and many respected musicians, all of whom who saw it as a great way to learn, practice and write new music. The reason why you should try one is that it lets you record your guitar playing and/or record the output from an external audio device. You can then choose to play the recorded phrases back, either continuously or on a custom loop with other recordings.


So long as the total loop time doesn’t exceed 10 minutes then any number of overdubs can be added to your new sample and (brilliantly) the tempo can be put up or down without altering the pitch.


There are a number of pre-set rhythm tracks and nine metronome sounds that you can start building your own loops around. The tough metal case means it won’t break under your weight and we love the fact that you can back-up your loops and settings to either a PC or Mac.


SUMMARY: Small in size but not in features, this stomp box is perfect for guitarists that love to tinker around and create distinctive sounds.

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